PHARMACOLD, leading supplier of UN3373 packaging

It is true that as the number of COVID-19 cases increases, the probability of a global pandemic also increases.

To contain the spread of the virus, speed in the diagnosis of COVID-19 is imperative.

The packaging solutions used for the transport of samples offered by PHARMA COLD SOLUTIONS must guarantee compliance, protect the samples and minimize any risk to public health.

Cost and efficiency are also critical factors during transportation due to the number of samples that are tested during a pandemic.

As a global provider of biological sample packaging and transport solutions, we at PHARMA COLD SOLUTIONS have made sure we can meet any sudden increase in demand due to the possibility of a global pandemic.

Stock levels for all of our UN3373 Category B containers have been increased at all centers worldwide to ensure that demand can be met and that potentially infectious samples can be transported safely and in accordance with regulations.

Our range of regulatory products under standard UN3373 category B comply with the appropriate sample transport solutions for the transport of COVID-19 specimens.

You can ask us for these and other solutions here.

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